Europa 1 and Crane Song STC-8 have been named as a Finalist in
this year's API Awards.

The link to the online story is here:-
German reviews on EUROPA 1

Sound on Sound Review in print
Mikko Gordon won the Europa Pre amplifier at the London AES
RA Plug-In named a 2011 Mix NAMM Certified Hit

"This mic pre is unlike any other I have ever used. With the speed control I can change the attack in which the transient of a signal can be amplified. It can be very fast like a more modern mic pre or slow it down to get a more vintage sound. With other pres you can not get this kind of flexibility.  This is a magic snare box, can get a few different sounds out of the snare. Also having the variable harmonic control I can add some color to the sound in a way other pres can't. This is great for tracking vocals or guitars. But if you want it to be clean, it does that with ease too. "

Paul David Hager

27th Annual TEC Awards Nominations for Outstanding Technical Achievement have been named.

In the category of Microphone Preamplifier Technology Europa 1 has been nominated

In the category of Signal Processing Technology/Software
Ra has been nominated